Innovation relief

Innovation relief – how can we help?


Regulations introduced by the so-called The Polish Order has significantly expanded the scope of tax incentives provided for companies engaged in innovation and investment activities. Along with the previously functioning solutions, they now form a comprehensive system of innovation relief, which includes:

    • R&D relief
    • IP Box relief,
    • relief for innovative employees,
    • discount on the prototype,
    • relief for expansion (increasing revenues from the sale of products),
    • discount for robotization and automation.

The scope of our support in the implementation of the above-mentioned reliefs covers in particular the following activities:

    • analysis of the taxpayer’s innovative activity profile – an inventory of existing activities, tasks and processes with potential in the context of innovation relief (e.g. identification of R&D activity),
    • analysis of costs incurred by the taxpayer in terms of the possibility of recognizing them as eligible costs for the purposes of innovation relief,
    • analysis of income from intellectual property rights in terms of the possibility of recognizing them as qualified income for the purposes of preferential taxation of IP Box,
    • preliminary estimation of the potential for using innovation allowances (projected tax savings),
    • preparation of applications for issuing interpretations of individual tax law provisions in order to secure the right to benefit from innovation relief,
    • preparation of an internal procedure for applying allowances for innovations,
    • conducting training with the participation of selected employees (stationary or online) in the application of the provisions on innovation relief,
    • ongoing support in the implementation of innovation allowances, in particular in the preparation of accounting records, documentation of R&D projects and in completing tax returns,
    • conducting a tax audit regarding the correct application of innovation allowances.

In addition, we offer support in the application of a cost-effective employee remuneration structure based on copyright (50% of tax deductible costs for creative employees).

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