On 21 October 2019, the first edition of the Forum devoted to the reporting of MDR tax schemes will be held.

The MDR Forum is a consultative and advisory body attached to the Minister of Finance, established under the Regulation of the Minister of Finance, Investment and Development of 1 October 2019 on the creation of the Forum for Information on Tax Schemes (MDR).

The Forum assumes the active participation of invited participants in the formula of discussion on key MDR issues.  The tasks of the Forum include preparing and presenting to the Minister of Finance, Investment and Development opinions, analyses, conclusions and proposals concerning improvement and tightening of the tax system functioning within the scope of provisions relating to information on tax schemes.

Meetings of the Forum will be held at least once every six months. The Chairman of the Forum may establish working groups from among the participants of the Forum meeting.

The meeting shall be open to the public, and the participation in it by interested persons shall be decided on the basis of the order in which applications are submitted.

Applications to participate should be sent by 16 October 2019 to the following address: forum.mdr@mf.gov.pl.